Saturday, September 25, 2010

A long but successful week

So this is how this week went...

Tuesday - make 6 pounds of icing

Wednesday  - baked cupcakes for Gayle's going away party

Thursday - after soccer practice, baked cakes for Hayley's present cake and decorated the cupcakes

Friday - after the boys haircuts and the county fair, decorated Hayley's present cake

I'm very pleased with how it turned out and I hope Hayley's family is too!  I tried out a few new techniques courtesy of the lovely Mrs. Young and they were ok.  I definately need to practice more and more but not bad, I think.

And let me tell you that the top "present" is Devil's food...a new recipe and by far my favorite.  I'm not a chocoate lover but man oh man is that one good piece of cake.  I had the carve it, you see, to make the smaller present cake and had to try it out.  Lucky for me, there was extra so I froze it for a rainy day!

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